Waggataan-Rutherford Rover Crew

About Us

Waggataan-Rutherford Rover Crew (WRRC) is a group of fun, adventurous, and outgoing individuals between the ages of 18 and 26. We are a very friendly, social group who are always welcoming and accepting of new people and generally prefer a more laid back and fun oriented approach to our organisation

Crew Details:

We meet on Tuesday nights at 4th Ringwood Scout Hall on Mines Rd, opposite the Karralyka Centre. Come down for a night, and introduce yourself. As we could be out of the hall, first drop us a line and will be happy to let you know where we'll be and what we'll be doing.

Crew Activities & Attitude:

WRRC enjoy learning new things, getting out into nature, and generally having fun. We encourage the development of our members, offering new learning opportunities in leadership, mechanical, survival and much more. We typically get involved with bigger rovering events such as Surfmoot, Mudbash but also go camping as a crew at least once a year. WRRC has a buggy which we race when ever we can.

Crew History:

WRRC was established in 2011 and is affiliated with the 4th Ringwood scout group. We are the combined legacy of two of the oldest crews in Victoria's history, Waggataan Rover crew and Bill Rutherford Rover crew. In the last 7 years, WRRC has grown and is now a thriving crew with many new members.

Events we Organize

For the Rovering Community

Goon and Coon

Come join us for WRRC's Formal Goon & Coon Party! Wear your best suit or frock and come celebrate the greatness that is goon! Don't like goon? We'll have crew brew beer and cider too. There'll be great music, tasty cheeses, pool, darts, a campfire and more.

  • Payment via bank transfer, PayPal or cash to WRRC crew member.
  • Cash, PayPal or Eftpos at the door.
  • Tickets can be transferred, just let us know.
Other Info

More Information & Tickets

Raft Race

Bill Rutherford’s Annual Raft Race began in the early 70’s and ran for 35 years. Crews built their own rafts using barrels for floatation and raced them down various rivers in Victoria. For most, the weekend wasn’t about winning. It was about enjoying the trip down the river and having a drink with friends. Many attendees didn’t build a raft, instead opting to enjoy the great outdoors, spectate, or bring a boat to paddle down the river. The winning crews took it very seriously - namely Hargrave and Leichhardt Rover Crews. Waggataan-Rutherford Rover Crew is bringing this event back to the Rover community as an opportunity to enjoy a simple, affordable event in the great outdoors.

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