Raft Race 2019

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Friday 22nd March

The camp begins on Friday the 8th Feb, Gate opens at 4PM. We’ll be camping on a property in Acheron on the Goulburn River, signage on the side of the road will indicate the correct driveway. Setup camp, eat some dinner and ready yourselves for the race tomorrow.

Saturday 23rd March

Breakfast (included in ticket) is served at 8am. Crews assemble rafts and prepare for the race. Scrutineering begins at 9am and the race will begin no later than 10am.
For Rafters: We ask for a change of clothes, extra pair of shoes, a towel and some showering footwear to all be added to a bag that can be transported to Molesworth Caravan Park. This is also where showers will be provided to all rafters at the end of the race. Transport for your raft and raftees will also be worked out at this time.

The course is 32.2km from the campsite in Acheron to Molesworth Caravan Park. Support boats will travel alongside the rafts. Along the way you will pass through four checkpoints, these checkpoints will be your best locations to stop for a toilet break, lunch, refill water bottles or to fix your raft, should you need to.

Participants are likely to finish between 2pm and 5pm. You will then pick up your change of clothes, have a shower and pack up your rafts. We strongly recommend you shower at Molesworth Caravan Park as there are no showers at the campsite.
From Molesworth, crews will return to the campsite (20 minute drive) to unwind. Dinner is BYO - but we encourage you to join us at the pub in Alexandra.
In the evening we’ll be playing tunes and sitting around the campfire.

Sunday 24th March

Sunday breakfast (included in ticket). Sunday activities include Volleyball, Slip N’ Slide, Noodle fighting and Capture the Booty.

The Route

Entrance to Campsite

Starting location / Campsite

Checkpoint 1

Breakaway Twin Rivers Caravan Park (91 Breakaway Rd, Acheron VIC 3714)

Checkpoint 2

4855 Maroondah Hwy, Whanregarwen VIC 3714

Checkpoint 3

No Spectator Access

Checkpoint 4

Ridds Rd, Cathkin

Checkpoint 5 / Finish

Molesworth Caravan Park (4352 Goulburn Valley Hwy, Molesworth VIC 3718)

The Rules and Regulations

These Rules and Regulations are subject to change closer to the date of the event

The Raft

  • o Can be Pre-built (wielded, screwed or lashed).
  • o Transport of rafts must comply with Road Laws
  • o Must have Name
  • o 2.14m minimum width of Raft
  • o Floatation by industrial drums - metal or plastic
  • o 6 recomended drums (4 minimum)
  • o Knife in Sheath secured to raft onboard
  • o Extra paddle on board
  • o Barrels must run parallel to each other (Refer to diagram)
  • o Must Carry 5 litre drum of water for all raftees.
  • o Must have 8m tow line, with floaty on end (e.g. 3L Milk Bottle)


  • o Must bring health form/ Care monkey Printout.
  • o Helmet + Life Vest
  • o Enclosed Shoes
  • o Must have paddle
  • o No Alcohol to be consumed while rafting
  • o Recommended: Hat, Sunscreen, long-sleeved shirt, waterbottle.
  • o Recommended: Dry box/bag for any needed carried equipment (e.g. Phone)
  • And most of all, have some Fun!